Our journey began in 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic with the drive and desire to create a better future for Local Retail and make online shopping a more personal and human experience.

The Problem

Due to the lingering aftermath of the pandemic, ongoing staff shortages, inflation, and too-slow digitization, there are few commercially attractive and viable solutions for local retailers to remain competitive in the future.

The Solution

A European app marketplace solution with a comprehensive retail software and integrated live shopping that makes it as easy as possible for local retailers to successfully sell online within minutes, without sacrificing personal interaction with their customers.

Why now?

Because no local retailer can afford to say no now if they are serious about keep selling tomorrow! Omni-channel is not an option, but a must.

The analyses were performed in particular for Germany as one of our first target markets*

Live shopping
as an additional opportunity for local retail

What distinguishes us significantly from other solutions? There are both live shopping providers and numerous marketplaces, aren't there?

Existing Solutions

Well-established marketplaces, some of which have monopolistic positions, are far too expensive for small local retailers, as these platforms charge high commissions and in order to get visibly and sell successfully – retailers have to invest in advertising on these platforms additionally.

Live shopping providers that allow retailers to host live-streaming events have the requirement that a retailer needs to have his own online shop. Thus, you can quickly see, the small local retailer quickly gets into a vicious circle, from which they can only break out with lots of effort.

The central hurdles are: Complexity to digitize retailers, the whole IT infrastructure, advertising & marketing budget, innovative technologies.

Our Solutions

However, our solutions consider from the very beginning even the smallest retailers, those who have never sold online before, and remove their biggest barriers to entry and enabling them to sell successfully within minutes.

Retailers do not need to have their own online store with us.
To sell successfully on our European marketplace at Virtual Shopping, retailers only need: an internet connection, a smartphone and optionally a laptop or tablet.

We will charge lower sales commissions compared to the biggest and most popular providers.

With us, every retailer has the same and fair chance to be seen and discovered, as we completely eliminate advertising revenue. With us, no one has to buy reach and visibility.

We have integrated many innovative social commerce elements such as video stories, reels and live shopping directly into our marketplace.

We offer competitive security. Because no products from other retailers are copied by us and sold under our own name on our marketplace at lower prices.

And much more.

Hi 👋 , we are the mother-son duo Barbara and Patrick Korytko and our passion is to drive great visions in the world, to inspire people with our design & sense for aesthetics, to develop strategies for sustainable success and to help build great companies that last for generations.

We are working together as a team more than a decadewith our family owned group of companies: The Korytko Group.

Next to our own companies and projects in the areas of SaaS, Luxury, Fashion, Art, we also support other visionaries and entrepreneurs in their projects with our know-how and expertise.

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Handesverband Deutschland

CCEC Research der Europäischen Union – Investition in unsere Zukunft – Studie Lokale Shoppingplattformen

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We are building the online marketplace of the future and bringing the personal shopping experience at local retailers to customers’ homes.


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